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Nana Dankwa is
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Transparency & Accountability

Transparency & Accountability

In every industry Nana has worked in, the foundations have had Transparency and Accountability as the main pillars. 


  • As a healthcare professional, he learned first-hand measures of integrity and safety to give every patient in the surgical suite competent and quality care.  

  • In law school, Nana learned that government works best when it is transparent and accountable to the people it serves. 

  • In banking, he currently works in regulatory compliance, protecting people through consumer protection and fair lending. 

Nana has taken his interest and passion for government and law to the next level, not only for his own family but for his community. He believes people deserve to understand the processes of government and they deserve to participate. He also believes that public servants have a responsibility to stay true to the constituents they serve. 


Nana will use this same diligence and everything he has learned to ensure our local government is accountable to the people of House District 90. 

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Nana has experienced education at every level - from attending K-12 public schools, to a vocational diploma, to going back to school for his Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's in Business, and Juris Doctorate. Every program gave him a greater appreciation for the ability to get an education, a greater appreciation for his educators, and reinforced that he needed to use his diverse skills to help others. Nana believes in: 

  • Fighting for Pay Increase and Teacher Retention. Value educators and compensate what they deserve for educating the bright minds of our future. Make critical investments to keep educator talent in our state. Protect Education Funding. Pay teachers.

  • Fighting for Quality Education in Public Schools. As a parent of a 4 and 5-year-old entering the public school system, Nana knows that most working parents cannot feasibly utilize vouchers to private schools away from the school closest to their homes, let alone the time and cost it takes to commute if they even qualify. Legislators should instead focus on public school reform by keeping money in public education and providing public school teachers the resources and tools they need to educate ALL Oklahoma children. Though recent voucher bills have been defeated, Nana knows it is possible that these intentions will resurface again in different forms.

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Nana believes in leadership that works hard for working families and a healthy economy. Oklahomans deserve a livable wage and a level playing field so that they can enjoy what they earn.


  • Fairness in Homeownership. Like most Oklahomans, Nana has seen how real estate has rapidly impacted so many hard-working families that hope to achieve a critical tenant of the American Dream - owning a home. Nana will use his skills in mortgage banking and consumer protection to advocate for fair lending and affordable homes.  

  • Jobs. Nana believes in strong job creation, fighting for a living wage, a healthy work-life balance, and advocating for employee protections. 

  • Infrastructure. Investing in our infrastructure leads to quality in connectivity, productivity, and output. Nana will focus on economic growth for House District 90, and its impact on all Oklahomans. 

  • Consumer Protection. Nana's background in law and consumer protection has prepared him to be an advocate that can positively impact the interests and rights of the people.



Nana was a healthcare professional for 9 years and has been trained to promote evidence based practice and quality in healthcare. Nana believes: 

  • Affordable Healthcare is a Right. Healthcare is not up for debate on who is deserving or not deserving. No Oklahoman should have to worry that they won't be able to attain the help that they need. As Representative, Nana will work to advocate for transparent and affordable physical and mental health care for all people. 

  • We need to protect Medicare and Social Security. As cost-of-living increases, we should not only protect the existing provisions for Medicare and Social Security, we should work across the aisle to expand them. Oklahoma seniors have worked hard to pay into these vital programs.  They deserve dignity and stability in life and retirement. 

  • Safe, Quality Care is Paramount. All people deserve access to safe care practices, and all patients and providers deserve to be in safe environments. As a patient and as a professional, Nana has experienced care on both ends. Nana is forever a steward of community health, and will fight for protections for all people providing and receiving services in the Healthcare Industry. 

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If not us, who?

If not now, when? 

- John F. Kennedy 

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